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Sie erwerben eine Anleitung in digitaler Form. Jede Anleitung ist bebildert mit Teileliste. Die Anleitung kann am Pc angeschaut oder ausgedruckt werden. Nach Zahlungseingang wird die Anleitung als pdf Datei an Ihre e-mail Adresse verschickt. Natürlich können Sie das Modell in jeder Farbe nachbaun. Sie erwerben hier keine Steine.


You are buying a digital instrucion manual. Each instruction is with pictures and part list. You can either view or print out the instructions. After receiving payment, i will mail the instructions to your email adress. Of course you can build the model in any color you like. You are not buying any parts.

Every building comes with an interior life such as bed, table, fireplace. You can add more furniture or change the colour of the floor.

The exterior leaves you enough space to add trees or plants. Add a way or a path to each building to connect them to a small town.

Medieval inn with small stabel to park your horse...Exterior leaves a lot of room for tress, plants and what you like to add....

Interior with tabels and upstairs you can sleep in the straw or if you have the money rent a bed for the night....


By: Martin Ludwig